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In less than 30 seconds you can find out the current estimated value of your home…

The market is continually changing, and our goal is to be your most trusted source of real estate information. To that end we want to make sure you take advantage of a FREE service that we provide to our affiliates and customers. is an automated service that uses current market data to determine a probable market value and range for any property. In less than 30 seconds you can get the current estimated value of your home just by going to the website and entering the address.

What’s important is not so much the resulting price, but how that price changes throughout the year. Keep this email or bookmark the page and run the report every 3-6 months. Let us know how you feel about the results, and when you begin considering a sale contact us to preview your home for a more accurate value assessment that takes into consideration upgrades, features, and other latent factors.