Homekeepr – Your free appliance and service person app

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Homekeepr provides you with trusted service providers, and also lets you know what needs to be taken care of in your home…

So your fridge was not working when you arrived home, or your air condition stopped the week you were planning to go up north, or your dryer wont run. Now what is the rest of your day going to be like !?

Electrical storms in Florida damage equipment, and appliances are not being made like they used to. That’s why we licensed the Homekeepr smartphone app, (which is FREE exclusively through my brokerage).


Homekeepr on your own smart-phone provides the contact information for all of our vetted service providers, each of which came from personal recommendations by our very own customers, (like you).

Here is what you get:

  • In-hand at-your-fingertip contact information for our recommended service professionals who include plumbers, mortgage brokers, electricians, lawyers, painters, insurance brokers, handy persons, maids, even baby sitters (though their availability changes frequently!)
  • The list of warranties, manuals, model and serial numbers for all of your appliances, including contact information and reminders for when any are in need of servicing
  • A central place to store expenses and receipts for home repair service and appliances

Homekeepr also lets you know what needs to be taken care of in your home before something is forgotten and it ends up costing or inconveniencing you.

The licenses were not cheap, but have already paid for the first 100 customers who are interested. You can download it now by clicking here, or clicking on its logo above.

If you have a recommended professional please submit their name, number, email, and area of specialty, and we will happily interview and include them.