Buying a Vacation / 2nd Home

Some of you are familiar with South Florida, and others much less so. Even if you have been visiting here with friends or staying in hotels, you are probably not familiar enough with the region to know if you are buying in the right location, community or building.

You probably are not aware of local developments and changes affecting values, and you may not yet be familiar enough with the unique features that may be available to you or the local vernacular used to describe it.

That is the goal for you: To gain some comfort and familiarization with what can be bought at what price and where, with what features.  We can help you even if you are out of state, and if you follow our approach you will end up with a great property that meets your needs.

  • A great start is to understand more about what your are looking for, and to that end we want you to complete this brief and fun {questionnaire} on your phone which will help you bring a tighter focus on the specific location and features your are seeking.
  • Another important step is to have you evaluate prices and property by setting you up with a {button-portal} which will allow you to look at actual homes on the market meeting your criteria.

Contact us so that we can help you be prepared to negotiate the property you are seeking and secure it by out-completing the other buyers in the market.