Facing a Difficult Circumstance

Discussing the sale of real estate may be the LAST concern of some of my customers facing challenging situations.

What I can promise is that we will resolve our part with discretion, minimize aggravation and financial impact, and get you comfortably into your next living situation with as much money in your pocket as possible. We have a lot of experience resolving property sales involving:

  • ex-spouses and ex-spouses-to-be
  • attorneys, estate planners and trusts
  • lenders & debtors
  • accountants & financial advisors
  • guardianship & probate

It’s important to understand that each situation has its own challenges, and as our customer, we will assure that you are in the most advantageous position possible.  The content below may be useful to you as it relates to issues that may arise during, or accompany such circumstances. You may alternatively click on “topics” or use the search box to find more about any specific subject to which you are seeking answers.

Contact us so that you have an opportunity to understand the challenges you will face as it relates to your property, possession and ownership, financial responsibilities, and the choices you will be faced with making.