Downsizing and Simplifying

At some point, by default or design, our priorities change regarding time and money. We come to the conclusion that:

  • we want less to manage
  • we don’t need so much space to live
  • we want to reduce maintenance and upkeep costs
  • we want to spend our money on something more important to us than our house
  • we want new scenery

If any of this sounds like you then your first priority is to determine your potential next destination.  I realize that for many of us that decision can be complicated, yet I assure you that along with selling your property, (our expertise), we can also help you gain clarity on the factors most important to you at your next stage.  (We actually use a unique management consulting technique that prioritizes the factors in your decision that helps clarify what is most important to you).

A great next step would be to Make a brief appointment with us. By the end of the meeting you will have either made a decision, identified a few definitive options, or gained clarity as to what steps you need to take. You can also start by answering the brief Buyer Questionnaire on your phone, which provides you with a clear dossier on exactly what you are looking for.

The collection of content below is relevant to your decision, and we want to hear from you so contact us with any questions.

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