Getting More Space and Features

The family’s growing, mom or dad are moving in, your getting a dog, and it time to find a place with more space. You want a pool, maybe a larger backyard, a chef’s kitchen, a waterfront residence, a home office.

Sometimes the place we are living in just cant be upgraded to support the lifestyle we envision.

In many ways finding a place that has the exact features you are looking for, at the price you are prepared to spend, in the area you prefer, is a matter of persistence, preparedness, and luck.  The reason for this is that there are simply too many factors to satisfy all at once, so the probability of encountering them all in one place is going to be slim – and when you find it you need to pounce!

If you are also selling one place and buying another the logistics are going to be more complex and will require more preparedness and flexibility.  You may have to sell first, or at least get the home on the market, and then you have to go out, find, and secure the new home. It can really test your patience.

Yet its doable.  The key is is to build in flexibility and come up with alternatives for all parties so that one of the options causes everything to work out in the end. That’s why you don’t want to use an “agent” – you want to use a “real estate professional”.

There are ways of arranging a transaction so that you can actually remain in your home until you move. There are ways of securing a new home even before you sell your old one. Its all about creating options.

Contact us now so that we can put together a plan that will accomplish the objectives you are looking to achieve.