Leaving South Florida Permanently

Florida has been great experience, but circumstances have changed and you will be leaving the area for good.

Perhaps you are returning up north to join family, or your job brought you another city, or maybe you are looking for a change.  Those who come to this conclusion are ready to go, and are eager to get their property on the market so they can move on with their life plans.

Depending on the condition of the property some are concerned about what they will have to spend to get the house ready for market, and others are more concerned about the timing and logistics.  Wouldn’t it make sense to avoid spending money on things that wont have an impact? If there were some predictability wouldn’t you feel more secure? That is why it is important to consult a real estate professional from the very beginning.

Contact us so that you have an opportunity to prepare appropriately, spend wisely, keep yourself on schedule, and set yourself up to get the largest return on your property. Below please find information that can help you make the right decisions that lead to a smooth and successful transition.

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