Our Approach – the “Adaptive Marketing System”

The market is continually changing

Saturday evening your home is the only house available for sale in the neighborhood, Sunday morning 3 new homes come on the market, and within an hour EVERYONE in the market knows about this. How do you get the most out of real estate in an environment that functions like that?

The fundamental real estate business hasn’t changed. Here’s what has:

  • Availability, pricing, status, supply, and demand are updated by the second and the market is digital, dynamic, and volatile
  • Competition has exploded, not only for products and services but also for our attention and time
  • Calls and electronic communication are exchanged in high volume and frequently, in various languages, on a variety of channels and devices
  • Buyers are starting online first, and they are not just local or English speaking
  • Marketing online is the principal exposure, and must take so much more into account
  • Response times have to be short enough to engage a prospect the moment they expressed interest

If you are selling

  • Goal
    • You want your home to be among those that receive an offer, and to be attractive enough at some point to sign a contract.
  • Strategy –
    • Distinguish the property so it looks great and assure there is NO evidence of neglect
    • Create demand over a compressed time period maximizing interest and attention through superior marketing and response
    • Assure quick, easy, and uninhibited access to the property so prospects don’t get frustrated

If you are buying

  • Goal
    • You want your offer to be sufficient for the sellers to consider, and to be the most attractive alternative at the time.
  • Strategy
    • Be ridiculously prepared and define and respect your limits and wants
    • Find out about the sellers so you can use the learning you gained to negotiate by exchanging price and terms for flexibility
    • Send out as many offers as you can manage while still being on top of them

Being competitive is the key

Its not that your offer or your property is not attractive, its that its not attractive enough. We tend to lose sight of the fact that there are hundreds or thousands of others competing for the same property or the same buyers, and few agents have the experience or persuasiveness to help their customers ACTUALLY BE competitive

When you are out competed

  • Opportunities and money are lost
  • You have less negotiation power
  • Inquiry’s are not responsive enough
  • If you are selling, consumers are buying other people’s property
  • If you are buying, your target property is sold to someone else
  • You may close, but you will unknowingly leave money on the table that should have been yours

The “Adaptive Marketing System” (AMS)

AMS is our unique technology, marketing and communication system that allows us to secure the highest value for our customers and place them at a competitive advantage during a transaction.

It differs completely from the “sales” systems used by agents and brokerages because its focus is on marketing, negotiation, and the efficiencies and responsiveness that result from the skilled use of modern technology. These capabilities are not only our expertise they are our competitive advantage, and it translates into greater equity for our customers.

OUR goal is to be your most trusted source of real estate information and services

…and your ally in making great real estate investment decisions in the context of this modern, dynamic, and volatile marketplace. We actually follow the same fundamental business practices of any successful entrepreneur. Our expertise however, is specific to real estate and the effective use of modern marketing and systems that bring you the most options and opportunities.

  • An ultra-accurate marketplace monitoring system – good matches and few false alarms (minimal false negatives and false positives)
  • An ever-expanding base of owners, buyers, referral and professional relationships
  • A responsive system of communication
  • Exceptional talent in marketing and negotiation

There are many Realtors…There are few “Real Estate Professionals”

Real estate is neither a small financial commitment nor without risk. You can encounter agents with varying levels of experience, and most treat a transaction as if they were selling jewelry or apparel. We couldn’t disagree more.

The better and more respected agents are still those with strong, foundational business training, like us. Yet we in the top of the real estate profession have also adapted ourselves and our operations to the new competitive character of the modern environment.